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Payments are non-refundable once a student has commenced their enrollment.

Tardy Arrival

WePlay Music is not responsible for the loss of time should the student arrive late to the summer camp.


Teacher's Absence
In the event of a teacher’s absence, the school reserves the right to provide a qualified substitute teacher for the
summer camp.

Student Absence
In the event of any upcoming student absence, please notify the school at least 24-hours in advance. No make-up classes or refunds in the case of a student's absence.

Snack Time
Parents are allowed to pack lunches for their children to eat at snack time during the summer camp. Please be aware that other students may have allergies and you should therefore refrain from using products like nuts or soy. WePlay Music will provide some small snacks. It is your duty to alert WePlay Music to any allergies or health concerns that your child may have.

Student Drop-Off and Safety
When bringing your child to the summer camp, make sure they make it to their class and the teacher is present. Do
not drop your child off in the parking lot. WePlay Music nor its teachers are responsible for unattended students
before and/or after the summer camp. We do not advise the parents/guardians to attend the class in order for the
students to focus. Behavior that is in any way unruly or disruptive to our students is unacceptable.

Any photographs, audio or videos of students or families at WePlay Music facilities and/or events may be used in
promotions, publications, website, social media or press releases.

Solicitation and Teachers
Seeking private instruction or soliciting WePlay Music teachers is strictly prohibited. WePlay Music is not contracted to provide tuition with a certain teacher. Teachers may change due to certain circumstances.

WePlay Music does not maintain any training with respect to medical or health-related emergencies. In the event of
an apparent medical emergency, WePlay Music will use its best efforts to address the situation, but does not guarantee
any outcome.

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