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Preschool Music Program

Not only do early music lessons build the foundation for future music studies, but they also help children’s overall physical, emotional, and cognitive development. Music strengthens kids' fine and gross motor skills, improves coordination and concentration, supports their social and emotional development, and encourages creativity and self-expression. The exploration of music in early childhood aids children’s social and academic growth, and most importantly, brings joy.

Music Classes

for the youngest

WePlay Music is delighted to offer a specially designed group class curriculum for the smallest ones, introducing them to the beautiful world of music in a cheerful and creative way. Our preschool music classes incorporate a large variety of activities that are structured around the early stages of childhood development.


Our teachers create engaging and innovative lessons that grow children’s musical and cognitive foundations while also fostering creativity and a lifelong love of music.

18 months - 3 years old

Baby Amadeus program develops toddlers’ skills and helps form a strong foundation for future music studies. The curriculum focuses on developing motor skills, bilateral coordination, critical thinking, self-expression, and memory while introducing kids to different musical instruments and styles.

*30 minute class / Parent and me class / Up to 4