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Celebrate Theory: Harmony & Counterpoint Level 10.

Celebrate Theory is a new series that supports the study of music theory at every stage of a student’s musical development. Encompassing rudiments, harmony & counterpoint, analysis, and music history, Celebrate Theory is an essential resource for enriching practical studies and developing well-rounded musicianship. Alignment with the Theory Syllabus, 2016 Edition ensures student success in preparing for examinations of The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program. Using an interactive approach that builds on the knowledge of basic elements acquired in earlier levels of theory, these books guide students to a deeper understanding of musical vocabulary, syntax, and structure. Three clear and concise volumes that integrate harmony & counterpoint are complemented by a single volume of analysis that synthesizes and connects the study of theory directly to the practical experience. Level 10 Harmony & Counterpoint Intermediate concepts including: • leading-tone diminished 7th chord • dominant 9th and 13th chord • sequences • melody writing (16-measure binary form) • sonata form, rondo form, and fugal exposition

Celebrate Theory: Harmony & Counterpoint Level 10

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