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RCM Music Lights the Way Piano Festival 2022

WePlay Music is excited to announce our students' participation in the first Royal Conservatory of Music's Music Lights the Way Piano Festival

To cast your Audience Choice vote, login/register to the division you would like to vote in (Youth Division or Adult Division). Once logged into the Music Lights the Way Piano Festival page, proceed to the gallery by clicking “Browse” on the top right corner of the page. Here you can browse the videos that have been submitted to the Music Lights the Way Piano Festival, or follow the links provided beneath each video here. Once you click on a video, you can click on the “VOTE NOW” button below the video to cast your vote daily through January 30, 2023.

Sofia Reyes - RCM Level 8

Yuelin Cheng - RCM Level 6

Xing-yi Huang - RCM Level 4

Vibiana Jaramilla - RCM Level 2

Daniel Kabutey - RCM Level 1

Eugene Kim - RCM Level 5

Maryse Labatia - RCM Level 7

Aniya Bhasin - RCM Level 1

Diya Bhasin - RCM Level 1

Jason Smith - RCM Level 2

Jacob Wang - RCM Level 7

Nina Kabutey - RCM Level 3

Liam Hawkins - RCM Level 1

Anh Nguyen - RCM Level 3

Kathan Law - RCM Level 5

Tram Nguyen - RCM Level 2

Arianna Ko - RCM Level 1

Johanna Fang - RCM Level 6

Medha Arvind - RCM Level 2

Nila Toussi - RCM Level 5

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